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In 1995, the Internet was in the ascendant, but Negroponte, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of technology, in his book digital existence, referred to the trend of freshness. He believes that the digital age is a new era after the industrial age and the news age. With the continuous development of digital assets, digital currency and digital technology, in 2020, the context of the digital era has become clearer and clearer, and we are closer and closer to Negroponte's prediction. How to enter the digital transformation and seize the opportunity of digital economy has become the main topic for many enterprises.

On the evening of July 9, the fourth session of BTC industry class - \ Digital banking needs the support of six central technologies, including digital identity, digital currency, voice technology, digital twin, visual technology and digital human. The digital transformation path of bank is as follows: first, strategic transformation and orientation determination; secondly, structure transformation and organization adjustment; finally, win the lottery quickly, and technology transformation and business transformation are consistent Bitcoin has changed the form of currency to win the lottery, creating a special and cheap \ In fact, what Zhongtai does is the enterprise structure, not a rapid tool; the key to Zhongtai's design is to promote the corporate culture and shorten the repetitive construction, but the main idea of Zhongtai is to promote the collectivity of enterprises. What means should be used in the digital transformation of banking industry? %From the perspective of architecture, the news orientation of the bank is from regional division to system separation, and then to internal integration. The evolution trend is to achieve more beneficial internal and external linkage. Digitalization is the second curve of journalism, which has inheritance and transition.

In the process of news and digitization, the new technology of bank travel is blooming everywhere. From cloud computing in 2008, big data in 10 years, artificial intelligence in 14 years, Internet of things in 15 years, and blockchain in 16 years, silver has always been at the forefront of exploration of new technologies. So, why is silver so hot and new technology?

Fu Xiaoyan believes that there are three reasons: 1. The bank has strong financial strength and has the conditions to test new technologies; 2. It has a strong level of customers, including all kinds of customers in the financial system, looking forward to more and more beneficial solutions in the face of different needs; 3. The Bank walk is homogeneous and competitive, and explores new technologies that can be attacked and defended, so as to realize differentiation. Although blockchain took the lead in silver in about 16 years, it is still a foreign country to form technology compatibility. In order to become a real digital bank, it is necessary to have the support of six central technologies, including digital identity, digital currency, voice technology, digital twin, visual technology and digital human. The development trend of these technologies at this stage is relatively good.

In the digital era, the central production tool is flexible parts, flexible parts will besiege enterprises, and enterprises must control flexible parts, and business ideas must be organized. So, what is the detailed path for the bank to go digital transformation? Fu Xiaoyan summed up a set of means theory: the first generation took the strategic transformation, the orientation of the transformation; then, the transformation of the structure and the adjustment of the organization; the technological transformation now took a step, and then it was consistent with the business transformation. The bank's digital strategy is to empower the young people. Internally, it is the staff, and the watch is the customer. This is also the real empowerment of the real economy.

  How blockchain overthrows finance?  

it is frequently said that blockchain is a subversion to finance. Where is the original form overturned?

According to Fu Xiaoyan, there are two most valuable inventions of contemporary silver walking: Honorary currency and exchange. The bank can agree on this payment system, put all the money in the system, and let the money circulate inside, so as to maximize the degree of promotion and reputation creation. But bitcoin changed the form of currency and created a special and cheap \ Decipher the Middle East: how to get rid of the misunderstanding and take the central government directly?  

China Taiwan strategy was born in 2015, which was selected by Alibaba and took the lead in practice. In recent years, it has also been a hot topic in the enterprise structure.

Some enterprise managers believe that if the middle office can be used as a quick tool to agree on short-term staff training, it can be placed down and play a role. In this regard, Fu Xiaoyan believes that this is a mistake in understanding. For him, Zhongtai is a landing style of enterprise architecture, and what Zhongtai is actually doing is enterprise architecture. For enterprises, Zhongtai is more like dumbbells, and doing Zhongtai is like exercise, which is a continuous transformation process. Only by constantly practicing can we exercise our muscles, and we can not find a way to achieve the goal once and for all.

The purpose of

is to be a middle office. The main idea is to organize the demand, configure the business and visualize the whole business link. When it is necessary to study the development ideas of enterprise structure or to reconstruct the business system around the enterprise, the enterprise can find the necessary middle ground.

The key to the design of Zhongtai is to promote the corporate culture and shorten the repetitive construction. Only by upgrading the corporate culture can we shorten the repetitive construction. It is necessary to be careful that the purpose of Zhongtai is not to completely shorten the repeated construction. The main idea is to promote the collectivity of the enterprise, so that cloud can promote the maximum value of the enterprise.

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On July 11, Xiao Rui, the investment director of iosg VC, will bring the last lesson of the current industry class - \